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Annual Review

Ok so book club is one years old (wow). First of all thank you so much for attending whether you came once or whether you have made it to almost every meeting. I appreciate you taking tie out of your lives to join little old me. There have been times when there were only 3 of us and times when we took over 2 tables. I've loved it all. A special thank you to Jonnie (I'm sorry I'm not sure how you spell it) for your help with the signs. They have been instrumental in keeping the book club going.

Anyway here is a quick review from me of the last year

worst book - I think almost unanimously The Road

Highest mark awarded - A Christmas Carol - but note it was only a festive 10

Book we keep coming back to/referring to - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, surprising given that it was the first book we reviewed.

Book that I liked the best (well it is my blog)- A Quiet Belief in Angels

Best book club book - The Hours, not necessarily the best book but the one that got us talking the most


The Hours Michael Cunningham

On the face of it The Hours is a very boring book.

It follows 3 seemingly unconnected women over the course of a day. It is set over 3 different periods of time in America and England. One woman is trying to write a book (Virginia Woolf), one is trying to bake a cake (Laura Brown) and one is trying to organise a party (Clarissa Dalloway). Clarissa is loosely based on Mrs Dalloway the Woolf character from the book by the same name. I am told the book is written in the 'stream of conscious' style where the reader follows the womens thoughts as they enter their head however random. Nothing much else happens.

Bit of a failure then really and that seemed to be the thoughts of about half the members at this months meeting.

However have book must discuss! So we delved in and discovered that when you look closely and pool ideas it suddenly becomes more interesting. Like a many layered onion that first appears only dull and brown. I liked that sentence it made me feel posh!

We discovered…