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In a Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

It's not very often the words 'it's a generation thing' come from my lips. I'm lucky enough to still be of an age where 'it's a generation thing' usually refers to something/someone before my time and I am too young to remember. This month however I found myself saying those very words 'it's a generation thing' as the book was an adult version of the Point Horror books I used to read as a kid. When me and two of the other group members (both of similar age) commented on this, we were met with blank looks from the other slightly older members of the group. I did say slightly, please don't be offended!

For those of you who are slightly older (again slightly!) Point Horror was a series of very formulaic teen reads set in America where (a) A group of teens went off to camp/stay in a secluded house/break down in a remote area (b) someone injures themselves and is unable to move/the phone line is cut/they can't get a new brake disc until…

A Storm of Swords Part1: Steel and Snow by George R R Martin Aka Game of Thrones

Where do you start reviewing the epically popular Game of Thrones? This was part one of the third book that I decided to read as an inbetweeny before our Book of the Month, A Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. Yes I know it was an epic ask given the fact it's about 600 pages but I read DDW in record time (pretty much 24 hours) so thought if I was going to squeeze this one in at any point this was it.

Series 6 is currently showing on TV so my timing was perfect to help me with placing the various names to faces. It actually helped my understanding of the current series as when Lord Beric suddenly appeared I was able to recount to my husband exactly what had gone on between him and the Hound as I had just read it.

I really enjoyed the book and surprised myself by how quickly I read it, so much that I actually got to start another inbetweeny! (The Penguin Book of Classical Myths by Jenny March but more on that in another post once read). I do think the watching and reading at same time he…