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The Colour of Magic Terry Pratchett

Can you really write a book review when only one of the group finished reading the book? Can you even really give it a mark out of 10? That is the problem I'm facing with The Colour of Magic. I had read it probably about 7 years ago, couldn't find my copy so decided not to re - read it. One member of the group had also already read the book but the rest of us were Pratchett virgins.

I had a feeling the book wasn't going to go down well. We have never reviewed a fantasy novel before and the group individually don't tend to read fantasy novels. I've read a few including Pratchett, Katherine Kerr and Trudi Canavan mostly and although I'm not a massive fan of the genre I don't have an aversion to them.

I was slightly disappointed that some people gave up after very few pages. I'm of the opinion you should always read a book to the end in case it turns out alright. I know everyone doesn't subscribe to this but surely a few pages just doesn't give y…