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Wedlock by Wendy Moore

Is a book good if you all liked it but can't find much to say about it? That was the case with Wedlock. A true story about Mary Eleanor Bowes' marriage to Captain Stoney, the violence she suffered at his hand and her subsequent struggle to obtain a divorce in the 1700's.

We started off fine, enthusing about how much we all liked it until suddenly we were talking about X Factor.

Ahem. This is a serious book club don't you know

Ok so lets have a serious conversation about all the local history the book contained. Oh yes we loved the fact that it was all about Newcastle. Didn't it make you want to visit Gibside Hall that is so close to us but that we've never been to. And Bowes Museum, we should have a field trip. Now PeshwariNaan Bread is far superior to did that creep in?!

A Chicken Chaat discussion later and we managed to discuss how easy the book was to read. Despite it being a period book there was no archaic language making it very accessible. Despi…