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Keep Your Friends Close

So I read this one whilst on holiday and as a result of said holiday missed the meeting. I found it to be a good holiday read ploughing through it but able to put it down at a drop of a hat when squealing children in swimming pool called.

I really liked the setting for the book having been to the lakes a number of times. It made a refreshing change from London and/or America.

Initially Natty, the main female character reminded me of Celia in The Husbands Secret - trying to keep everything together by obsessing on the small stuff and appearing bitch like or perfect to the outside world. However before the reader was given too much time to dislike Natty in walked Eve aka alpha mega bitch.

I remember being surprised that the reader was aware right from the start how much of a bitch Eve was and how deliberate her move on Sean, Nattys husband, was. Perhaps the suspense could have been built to a greater extent or a different angle pursued if Eves intent had been hidden from the reader. Fo…