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The Little Village School by Gervaise Phinn. Warmth and Kindness

I read a quote, I think from Amazon when I ordered the book, that said this book was warm and kind and I think that’s a pretty good way of describing it. I was worried going into the meeting that we wouldn’t have much to say about it as let’s face it, we all knew the outcome before we had finished the first page. Usually with similar books we say ‘yes it was nice’ and then talk about X factor (or Strictly as it starts properly on Saturday don’t you know!) but no with this one we chatted away for ages about it.

I suggested whether, being a warm and kind book, we thought children could read it/enjoy it. It’s based in a school, it didn’t have sex or swearing in it and although there was a death I thought it was quite sensitively covered by Phinn. We decided yes, it would make a good book for children. Obviously older children who are up to reading a few hundred pages or so but in many ways a good cross over book for those not yet old enough to read true adult books but are looking for s…