Thursday, 20 July 2017

Mount by Jilly Cooper #inbetweeny

I'll start this blog with a warning, this post does contain spoilers. So if you haven't read the book then please don't read this blog, yet. Of course you should read this post just wait a little while until you've read the latest installment of Rupert Campbell Black (RCB).

Warnings out of the way I'll begin.

I was massively looking forward to reading this book having hugely enjoyed the previous ones. RCB is my (not so) secret trashy pleasure and has been for many years. This book had all the ingredients of a classic, pages of wonderfully named characters, a few tortured souls and of course RCB with all his horses, dogs and now grandchildren.

The book got off to a good start full of characters from old but also plenty of new ones to mix it up a bit. The horse's really played a starring role in this book but I also really loved Gav and at first Gala.

Yep only at first as she went strongly down hill and I bet you can guess why. RCB. Here is where I fell out with Cooper, why oh why after all these books would she allow RCB to cheat on Taggie? In these books bad guys cheat, get their comeuppence and the hard done to other half gets the hero. Here RCB was a complete shit to everyone throughout the book, Taggie got cancer and RCB lived happily ever after. How does that work?

The book was very repetitive at times,  Taggie was so overworked, Jan was always being a God send, and RCB either jetted off to China or shouted at everyone. I didn't get why RCB was attracted to Gala, after all the women who have crossed his path during the years and once Taggies cancer came to light the affair just seemed to be brushed under the carpet by everyone. Yes Gav got his happy ending but it was with Gala who we didn't like. For the first time I was dissapointed in an ending and if I'm honest the book which I haven't been before with any of the books in the series.

It was nice to see old faces reappear and Cooper has set it up brilliantly for another book - football just fits with this series but RCB really needs to buck his ideas up and Taggie needs to be given more of a role other than sticking moussakas in the freezer. My least favourite of my favourites. Which somehow makes it worse.

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