Friday, 19 December 2014

The Polar Express Chris Van Allsburg

I didn't actually read this book, it was read to me! Mine never arrived from Amazon (unusual) but luckily I went on the Polar Express train ride the Monday before where the hot chocolate serving chefs were kind enough to read to the whole carridge the book.

It's a very short book with one member reading it on the way to work the same day of the meeting (she gets the bus I hasten to add). We decided this worked in its favour as who has time over Chrismtas to read a door stop and who wants to read about Santa and his Elves in January? The book came in two sizes a cute little pocket sized version and a large (perfect to read to children) version. The pictures were gorgeous and we all commented it would make a perfect Christmas present and could easily become a family favourite to return to time and time again at Christmas.

I love the film, it's a big Christmas tradition for my family but that didn't stop me from liking the book although there were some differences. We were surprised that the book was first released in 1985 (yes really).

There were the usual high scores at Christmas as really it had everything you want a Christmas book to be - gorgeous pictures, something you can share with the family, short but sweet and really Christmassy. Total opposite to last years choice. One of the group did give it a 4 (which was met with shock and horror) due to it being too much of a childrens book but in general it was well loved and we gave it a 8.125 rounded up to a festive 9.

Next book is I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes.

Question of the month is - What will be the first book you read next year? I'm in the middle of the Tiger Warrior at the moment by David Gibbins so it will probably either be that or I am Pilgrim depending on whether I swap half way through.