Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Colour of Magic Terry Pratchett

Can you really write a book review when only one of the group finished reading the book? Can you even really give it a mark out of 10? That is the problem I'm facing with The Colour of Magic. I had read it probably about 7 years ago, couldn't find my copy so decided not to re - read it. One member of the group had also already read the book but the rest of us were Pratchett virgins.

I had a feeling the book wasn't going to go down well. We have never reviewed a fantasy novel before and the group individually don't tend to read fantasy novels. I've read a few including Pratchett, Katherine Kerr and Trudi Canavan mostly and although I'm not a massive fan of the genre I don't have an aversion to them.

I was slightly disappointed that some people gave up after very few pages. I'm of the opinion you should always read a book to the end in case it turns out alright. I know everyone doesn't subscribe to this but surely a few pages just doesn't give you enough of a feel to make an informed decision to stop? Carry on a bit longer - even if it just gives you the ability to comment more during the meeting!

To be fair I'm not sure whether The Colour of Magic is the best introduction to Pratchett and his Disc World. The series does get better a few books in once he has found his pace and develops the characters more. There is a lot to introduce the reader to if your new to this series and The Colour of Magic does tend to try to squeeze everything in at break neck speed. Read the Death trilogy (my favourite character), Going Postal or even The Night Watchmen and give them more than a few pages. You never know you might surprise yourself.

Seems like I have managed to write a blog and I'm even going to manage a Question of the Month - what's the least number of pages you have read before giving up on a book? Which one was it?

Next book - Keep Your Friends Close by Paula Daly.